Argent Burst Shooting Game Logo Image Argent Burst Missile Defence Shooting Game

Play Argent Burst Online. Shoot down missiles before the city is destroyed. Play free missile defense online shooting game Argent Burst. Argent Burst is a fabulous flash game just for the graphical experience. Very colorful and certainly hectic, the designers have provided a visually stunning game which gets the heart pumping.


Play Argent Burst Online

Argent Burst Screen Image The aim of the game is to survive a missile attack on the city. You need to play some 50 levels and survive with your shooting station intact and have at least one building in the city still standing to win.

Argent Burst is not overly difficult and we give a few game hints below, but you will quickly get the hang of things yourself and in no time be able to shoot incoming missiles down before they do any damage.

Play Argent Burst and find out if you have what it takes. Did we mention it's totally free to play online. Enjoy Argent Burst today, it's a good few minutes of pure enjoyment.

Argent Burst Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use you mouse to aim your Argent Burst missile defence
  • Hit the left mouse button to fire
  • Shoot at in coming missiles by moving your mouse pointer to the top of the playing screen
  • As Missiles get closer, move your aim lower and blanket bomb the incoming missiles by hitting the left button repeatedly
  • You never run out of ammo so fast shooting is the key to Argent Burst