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Play Ammo Ambush 2 online, complete your dangerous mission behind enemy lines. Play Ammo Ambush 2 totally free online and make your way towards the rescue helicopter. Infiltrate and eliminate by picking off enemy soldiers, mines and other hazards on your way.


Play Ammo Ambush 2 Free Shooting Game

Are you game enough to take a challenging mission behind enemy lines? If you are, then Ammo Ambush 2 is an online game you won't want to stop playing.

Your mission is to infiltrate and eliminate as many enemy soldiers as possible, and of course getting back alive yourself.

It's fun, it's free so play Ammo Ambush 2 online now. Nothing to download, no sign up just enjoy the action. You can even copy and paste the game code into your own site to offer your own visitors the chance to play Ammo Ambush 2 free online. How good is this!

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Ammo Ambush 2 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot
  • Up arrow run forward
  • Down arrow enter sniper mode
  • Left, Right arrows - move left or right
  • This is not a time trial, so rushing blindly ahead will only get you killed.
  • Take your time, pick off the enemies one by one, and you'll stay alive and get a good score.
  • Stay away from the mine fields and enemy supply depots.
  • Blow them from a distance as they will take a lot of your health if you are in the area when they blow.