Stunt Bike Island BMX racing game logo Stunt Bike Island Dirt Bike Game

Play Stunt Bike Island online. Enjoy the thrill of BMX stunt bike action totally free. This is a good game and a great test of your game skill. You need to pedal a dirt bike around a variety of Island courses and you get points for performing tricks.



Play Stunt Bike Island Online No Download

Stunt Bike Island screen shot image Graphics are fine and there is amusing dialogue, especially if you run off the track or stack up. As a free game, Stunt Bike Island rocks.

The only downside is that it does load a little slower than some games on our servers, but the wait is well worth it, simply for the fabulous game play. Plays on both windows enabled computers and Macs if you have the appropriate plugins enabled.

All up, this game is one for those that really enjoy a challenge and can coordinate their fingers skills to the utmost. Play Stunt Bike Island game free online right now.

Stunt Bike Island Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the arrow keys
  • Up to go forward
  • Down for brake
  • Left - right arrows to steer
  • Press Space Bar for hop
  • Hit S key for stunt.
  • The more air time you give your BMX bike, the more points you will rack up.
  • Make sure you get the 2x and 4x powerups. They increase your score dramatically.