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Play Sewer Run free online racing game. Race skate board down long sewers against tough opponents. Fabulous skateboard fun in the longest sewers in cyber world.

Sewer Run has 9 levels to unlock on the free trial offering, which I regard as good enough to play anyway without downloading the full game. There are 3 game modes, Freestyle, Slalom and Battle, plus 9 different tracks, which keep you going for some time. I like the free game of Sewer Run.


Play Sewer Run Skateboard Game Online No Download

Sewer Run is a fast paced free racing game that skateboard fans will love. Race against opponents down miles of open sewers with some great additions that make the game more than fun.

Collect some bonus pickups as you fearlessly tear down the track at record speeds. Grab a few weapons and blow your opponents off the track before they blow you away.

Sewer Run Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • 9 tracks to unlock in 3 mountain environments
  • 8 customized characters - choose clothes, face and boards
  • Pull off 12 crazy tricks and 4 grabs to earn g-boost
  • Collect weapons to blow your opponents away!
  • Shoot photos and video to earn kudos and unlock features
  • Full screen playback