Poco Island  Racers game Logo Image Poco Island Racers Online Car Racing Game

Play Poco, Island Racers fun filled racing game on the forgotten island inhabited by the Poco Tribe. Enjoy fast paced car racing action with amusing story.

The crazy Poco tribe has been living on an uncharted island for centuries. Their origins are unknown and their heritage is truly unique. Strange things happen on this unnamed and unknown island that we outsiders could never understand. Truly, this is an island that time has forgot.


Play Poco Island Racers Online Car Racing Game

Poco Island  Racers screen shot image Full of fun yet challenging enough to satisfy that speed racer lying deep within your soul, Poco Island Racers is a serious look at what can happen when the human race is left to fend for themselves.

Today there is a young Poco adolescent that must pass an initiation ceremony. Can you help him to succeed? You must steer his vehicle around objects collecting rewards along the way. Your race track is of course the island itself, so hit the beaches for a spectacular "fun run in the sun".

Poco Island Racers is a fun fueled car racing game, where the audio track keeps you filled with happy thoughts while you try to steer clear of trees, boulders and wooden crates that will smash you to smithereens if you run into them.

Graphics are bright and breezy, voice overs are amusing and make you laugh, yet you do need you best mouse movement skill to score points and last as long as possible. Play Poco Island Racers car racing game below. It's totally free and totally rad.

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Poco Racers Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse for movement
  • The further away the mouse pointer is from the car the faster the car travels
  • Left click will jump
  • Take your time and collect coins and other bonus items to score better points.