Need for Madness racing game logo imageNeed for Madness Free Racing Game

Play Need for Madness totally free online, no download, no sign-up. Need for Madness is a fabulous fast paced racing game where your skill as a race driver is needed to win the day. Tactics win big car races so don't be afraid to block your opponents or cut them off completely to reach the finishing flag first.

Play Need for Madness online now and enjoy the fast race track action.


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Need for Madness screen image Need for Madness is a fairly straight forward car racing game with a few extra twists. You can perform a number of stunts, go through an electrical field to service your car or just have fun crashing into the opposition.

Once you get the hang of the keyboard controls, it's a great adrenaline rush to go racing around the track at speeds that will astonish, doing a few spectacular mid air spins and tumbles to collect power ups.

As a free game, Need for Madness rocks and you will get hours of fun trying all the different cars and race layouts. There is around 7 levels to one game and sometimes it's an advantage to wipe out the opposition instead of racing them to the finish line.

Need for Madness Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the keyboard arrows to control the racing car.
  • Press Space Bar with one of the arrow keys to perform stunts.
  • You can only perform stunts when you are in the air.
  • Performing stunts gives you extra power.
  • Jump through the electrified loop to repair car damage.
  • Every 2 stages completed unlocks a new car.