Need for Extreme Logo ImageNeed for Extreme Car Racing Game

Play Need for Extreme car racing rally. Collect points while avoiding road obstacles. Need for Extreme is a simple game to play that is controlled exclusively with the mouse cursor.

Good use of flash has been used by the developer with challenging levels that progressively get tougher and tougher the longer you stay alive. For any car racing fan, this is an absolute must play game, and there's no need to download anything to play Need For Extreme online.


Play Need for Extreme Car Racing Game

Need for Extreme Racing Game Screen Shot Image Need for Extreme starts off relatively free of obstacles and then introduces road blocks other cars and trucks and everything that can hinder smooth driving on a busy road.

Bump into some of the obstacles and you will get a time penalty. Have a crash and you get a huge time penalty.

To make your car faster simply move the mouse cursor further in front of your car. To slow bring the cursor back closer to your car.

Remember to collect as many bonus points as you can and try to beat your best score each time you play Need for Extreme.