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Play Motoracer Time Trials online motorbike racing game. As the name of the game suggests, Motoracer Time Trials is exactly that, a time trial around the track, so get your fingers ready for some flat out race action where you try to beat your own best time.


Play Motoracer Time Trials Online

Motoracer Time Trials Racing Game Screen Image Motoracer Time Trials is played in 2 countries. You have the choice to choose either of an Australian track or a Chinese race track.

To add a bit of excitement and a degree of difficulty, there are various objects strategically placed around the track which you must avoid, such as road blocks, witches hats and oil slicks.

Running off the road might cause you to crash into trees and perhaps the occasional kangaroo may become a hazard when racing on the Australian track.

Clear graphics and responsive controls add up to a well rounded game full of action and excitement. Motoracer Time Trials is a totally free online game, no download required, so bookmark this page and come and play Motoracer Time Trials game often as you wish.

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Motoracer Time Trials Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the keyboard arrows to control the motor bike
  • Up is the accelerator
  • Just back off the accelerator to slow down
  • Avoid all the obstacles on the track
  • The oil slick will slow you down and skid you along for a time penalty.
  • If you crash into a tree or similar object, you fall off the bike and get a huge time penalty
  • Running off the track onto the grass slows you down