Mario Cart Racing GameMario Cart Racing Tournament Game

Fast and furious but tons of fun, play Mario Cart Racing online and rise to the challenge of cart racing. Mario Racing Tournament is a free online cart racing platform game which brings alive the Mario Brothers Nintendo action.

Excellently developed with good pixel graphics for faster game play, Mario Cart Racing Tournament is a pure delight for old gamers who remember the halcyon days of Super Nes or new players just being introduced to the jolly Super Mario Brothers.


Play Mario Cart Racing Online

Cart racing is so cool and this fabulous flash game brings back memories of the famous Mario Cart of Super Nintendo fame. All the stars are back for a cart racing tournament.

You can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, the Princess and other stars. Race platform style and collect items that you can use to your advantage.

Mario Racing Tournament has eight tracks to master and you must win each level to proceed to the next track. Watch out as the other racers are very competitive and pretty mean individuals, they have no qualms about bumping you off the track. You will have to be right at the top of your game to beat these guys.

So get those fingers ready and platy Mario Racing Tournament online below. This is one of the most enjoyable free racing games on the internet. Enjoy!

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Mario Racing Tournament Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Game controls are by keyboard buttons
  • D = forward
  • A = Back
  • W = Jump or hold down the W to fly when you have the feather
  • S = Brake
  • Q = Speed boost
  • Space Bar = Use an inventory item
  • Collect items to use to your advantage during the race
  • To collect items jump up and bump certain bricks to release the item