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Popular online racing game Desert Rally gets the dust swirling in an action packed racing rally game. Can you survive the Desert Rally? Play Desert Rally totally free online and enjoy the action of rally racing over challenging mine laden racetrack.

Choose your racing car, press go and simply guide your car around the difficult layout with your mouse. Knock out the opposition and colllect bonus gems to make sure that you end up the champion. Desert Rally is a quick yet delightful online racing game. Can you win the Desert Rally?


Play Desert Rally Racing Online

Desert Rally racing game screenshot Here's a fun car racing game where you control the rally racer with your mouse movement. With great graphics and a good sound track, Desert Rally has you racing against some stiff opposition, but we know you are up to the challenge.

Select your favorite racing machine. Strap yourself in and hit the accelerator. Don't forget to collect the bonus tokens that will supply you with necessary power ups to get you around the race track.

You may have to play this game a few times before you can get the feel and control of your selected race car. The obstacles seem to jump into your face, so a few practice runs will allow you to see what challenges lay ahead and what tactics you use actually work best for you.

Desert rally is a lot of fun to play yet challenging enough to suit the most determined player. This is one of our favorites.

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Desert Rally Racing Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Race through the desert and try to get as far as possible before you crash and burn.
  • Try to knock other cars out of your way to get bonus points and look out for power ups - you're going to need them if you want to survive.
  • Mouse point and click game controls.