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Imagine driving a super turbo charged flying machine. Pitting yourself against the best race car drivers in the world. Climbing into the drivers seat of a formula one racer, perhaps strapping your body into a Nascar monster. Does this sound like something that would turn you on? Well we have got a great selection of free racing games that can be played online here at just for you.

Feel the wind on your face, test your reflexes to the max. Play online car racing games and enjoy the full fast paced action for free, no downloading required.


Free Online Racing Games No Download

There are car racing games, motorbike racing games, truck racing games, cart racing and of course dirt bike and quad bike racing games.

Most games use the tried and true method of keyboard game play. As there is no download required, all these games should play in your browser. Some may not be suitable for Mac if active x is required.

We suggest playing the Poco Island Racers. Fast furious action with a load of laughs included. Free online racing games no download don't get much better than Poco Island Racers.

Another game that is highly recommended is the Sewer Run. A fabulous skateboard game where those sewers are full of surprises. The good part about these online racing games is that some are very similar to full blown PC games, yet are free online which makes it easy to access.

Click on the link for the individual game or grab the html code if available so you can embed online racing games to your website or Myspace page!

Poco Island Racers Fun Game Poco Island Racers
Crazy fun car racing on forgotten island. Help Poco tribe initiation ceremony!

Mario Brothers Cart Racing Game Mario Racing Tournament
Car racing action with the Nintendo Mario Brothers gang.

Motoracer Time Trial motor bike time challenge game. Motoracer Time Trials
Beat your best time around Australian or Chinese race tracks. Motoracer Time Trials motorbike time challenge.

Need For Madness
You don't have to be mad but it helps. Racing just got crazier!

Need for Extreme Road Racing Game Need For Extreme
Another extreme car racing challenge. Have you got what it takes to win?

Big truck Image Big Truck Adventures
Fast and furious monster truck racing up and down the hills way out in the wild canyon.

Dune Buggy game Image. Dune Buggy
Jumps and tricks plus off road racing make Dune Buggy racing fast action fun.

$x$ Rally Game Image 4x4 Rally
Fast paced car racing game. Race your four wheel drive around challenging courses.

18 wheeler trucker image 18 Wheeler Trucker
Get your truckers license in huge 18 wheeler. Drive monster truck around obstacle course.

Doom Rider Game Image Doom Rider
Motorcycle racing game. Challenge yourself against the best motorbike riders on your computer.

Serwer Run Skatebord game image Sewer Run
One for skateboard fans. Skateboarding game at it's best.

Desert Rally Racing Game Image Desert Rally Racing
Survive the Desert Rally if you can. Awesome challenge in the hot and sweaty desert.

Stunt Bike Island Game Image Stunt Bike Island
BMX stunt bike action. You need to coordinate your fingers to achieve amazing stunts.

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