Tinos Fruit Stand puzzle game logo image Tino's Fruit Stand

Play Tinos Fruit Stand puzzle game, fill orders to complete puzzles in time to keep customers satisfied. Tinos Fruit Stand is a family puzzle game where you fill customer orders in quickest possible time.

What stands out as a fairly simple game becomes more and more involved as you work your way through each of the 85 levels. There are powerups to collect which makes the order filling quicker, but don't take too long or the customer rating will fall and your business will suffer greatly.


Play Tinos Fruit Stand Online

Tinos Fruit Stand puzzle game screen combo image Who ever thought of training a monkey to fill customers orders, well that's just what Tino came up with to save his fruit stand business.

Tinos Fruit Stand is a fabulous take on the ordinary matching puzzle game where you have to place Rikki, the fruit-picking monkey, on the correct fruit square to fill the basket of fruit.

The game is quick paced and graphics are superb. Kudos to the developers for combining a good test of puzzle solving with first class graphics and a unique way to present the tried and popular "serve em up" style games such as Diner Dash and others.

You can play Tino's Fruit Stand puzzle game online below totally free or download the free trial version and play this on your PC at home. There is also the choice to buy the full version and enjoy playing with Rikki, the fruit-picking monkey for ever.

It's a great game and now that it is free to play right here online, it just got that little bit better. Enjoy Tino's Fruit Stand puzzle game, a fun game for the whole family.

Tino's Fruit Stand Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse to move Rikki from square to square by clicking the object you want to collect
  • You cannot jump over an unwanted object
  • Sometimes you must pick up an unwanted object in order to reach your desired item