Tangramz online puzzle game logo image Tangramz Chinese Puzzle Game

Play Tangramz online puzzle game, match various shapes to form a solid object. First few levels are quite straight forward, yet when you get to the eighth level things get more and more difficult.

Tangramz seems like an easy game on the surface, but looks are certainly deceiving. This will take all your powers of deduction to complete and is totally absorbing. Play Tangramz below. You will love this one.


Play Tangramz Chinese Puzzle Game

Tangramz online puzzle game screen shot combo Tangramz offers a perplexing puzzle game based on the old Chinese puzzle of fitting various shapes together to form a solid object.

Excellent for developing spatial skills, you need to take an object from a grid below the main Tangramz playing board and fit it so it will render the shape. You cannot overlap puzzle pieces or rotate them, they neatly fit in place.

Play Tangramz totally free online and enjoy this simple yet perplexing puzzle thriller. The Chinese have enjoyed this game for ever and now you can play Tangramz totally free on your computer.

Be warned, you will be challenged, but we know you are up to it.

Me, well I'm challenged anyway so had a hard time plowing through this game. My wife says that if I become more challenging then the people with the white coats will be called to take me away. Think I better play this game a lot and improve that brain matter.

Tangramz Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click on the shape at the bottom of the playing board and drag and drop them into position
  • You score more points the quicker you solve each level
  • Do not overlap shapes
  • You can place the shapes and then click and drag them to a new place if you find you have wrongly placed them