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Play addictive Tiles of the Simpsons puzzle game online. The whole Simpsons gang takes part in this fabulous match 3 style tiles adventure, where you match groups of the same character to clear them from the board. Simpsons Tiles is a very addictive puzzle, matching pairs game, played over 3 levels.

Don't let the shortness of levels fool you into thinking that this online game is a pushover, it certainly takes all your best strategy, and a fair amount of luck, to clear each level.


Play Simpsons Tiles Game Online

Simpsons Tiles Game Image Simpsons Tiles is a very colorful visual delight, with all the gang from Homer to Mr Burns waiting for you to clear them from the board. You must make matches of at least 2 of the same characters to delete them and cause the next row to fall into the vacant space.

There are two layers of tiles per level, so clearing some of the top layer that are matches is a good idea.

Chain reactions will score better points and also give you bombs to use when you can't make any more pairs. Don't worry if you can't find a pair, watch the screen and the computer will highlight the closest pain to the left side of the board.

If there are no pairs left, your cursor will turn into a bomb, of course it's a can of Duff beer, what else would a Simpsons bomb be!

The Simpsons Tiles game is fun to play and easy enough for everybody, yet hard enough to challenge the best. Give it a try yourself and be warned, it is very addictive.

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Simpsons Tiles Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • All game movement is with the mouse
  • Make lots and lots of combo matches to get free bombs.
  • Making combo matches is the only way to make sure that the playing board is cleared.
  • Clear tiles from the bottom up, so that the further tiles can fall, the more chance of making combos.
  • When playing bombs consider blasting away tiles that will make a combo match to get the used bomb renewed.