Shopping Marathon game logo image Shopping Marathon Puzzle Game

Play Shopping Marathon online for free and enjoy buying up big. This is shopping madness like never before.

The strategy takes you into a world where you fire disks to buy the best priced objects within a certain time limit. Make the right choices and pass each level, then face a harder shopping quest every level you complete.

Shopping Marathon is a good game for all the Shop-a-holics in this world. Perhaps we all fit into this mould nicely.


Play Shopping Marathon Puzzle Game Online

Shopping Marathon Screen combo Image Shopping Marathon is a colorful game with a good feel to it yet there's something that just doesn't sit right with me. I played this for awhile and couldn't get that enthused about a game where you shoot disks at a pile of other disks and they call it shopping.

Now it could be just my own experience and perhaps a real shop-a-holic will play this game in glee. Now I don't mind going shopping sometimes but Shopping Marathon is just not my ideal game.

But then I am a tight wad or so I'm told. In fact I have been called many things that can't be repeated on this page, especially when it comes to buying gifts for others. Hey, leave me alone, don't pick on me already.

Luckily you can now play Shopping Marathon totally free online below and see for yourself if you like the game or not. If you do you can download the full game to play on your PC or come back here often and play Shopping Marathon online.

Shopping Marathon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Select an item to buy that is equal to or below the value of the coin you are shooting
  • Hit combos for the best shopping deals
  • If you miss a goal you can play again and get that life back