Rainbow Web 2 game logo image Rainbow Web II Puzzle Game

Play Rainbow Web 2 match 3 game. Rid the Rainbow Kingdom of evil. Following on from the success of the original Rainbow Web game, Rainbow Web 2 faces the evil Sorcerer Spider, who has control over the populace by weaving wicked webs of wonderful woe and other evil stuff.


Play Rainbow Web II Puzzle Game Online

Rainbow Web 2 screen shot Okay so you get the drift of the story line. You play Rainbow Web 2 by matching colored orbs on the spider web and collecting bonuses to fight the evil Sorcerer Spider and return the magic Rainbow Kingdom to it's former peaceful existence.

As you progress through the game the difficulty level rises with strands of the web disappearing making matches harder.

Thankfully the board eventually changes to something we are better suited to play and you can go on with the quest without fizzing your brains to pieces.

This game is pretty good and incorporates mini games of hidden object play plus jigsaw puzzles into the main story. Add nice graphics, good audio and you have a game package that will delight puzzle fans and entertain all comers.

Rainbow Web II Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Black beads cannot be swapped, and can only be removed by reaching the edge or center of the web.
  • Players must spell words to finish the level.
  • Some of the colored beads have letters on them, you must align three or more same-colored beads with a letter on one or two of them, which helps to spell words, such as "A crystal chandelier," "The Pool of Desires" or "The Palace Stairway."