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Play Pop Pies game free online and enjoy a pie popping frenzy trying to clear the board of tasty pastry items. Totally free, Pop Pies is a popular online game where you match your wits against the colors of the pie rainbow.

Your sure to enjoy the mind baffling puzzle play, matching and detonating pastries in the explosive Pop Pies game!


Pop Pies Puzzle Game Online

Pop Pies screen shot combo image Collect huge bonuses by clearing entire columns of tasty pastry pies as you attempt to blow the entire board.

Matching colors has never been so much fun and Pop Pies is totally free to play online here at itexpressions.com.

Play Pop Pies today and see if you can rack up a huge score. Remember, the larger the combination of colors, the larger the score bonus.

Have fun playing Pop Pies, it's free to play online, no download required and fabulous enjoyment.

To be honest, this is one of the games that I personally play often. The challenge is terrific. Just the right difficulty level to make you try and try again. It's no easy beat game and that's exactly what I enjoy. Hope you will too.

Pop Pies Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click to highlight groups of like colored pies and click them again to blow them to blow them to smithereens!
  • Take your time and try top Pop Pies where they will make the best matches
  • Clearing entire columns give huge bonuses.
  • Work from the top down to make the best matches.