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Play Perfect Pizza online matching puzzle game. Make the perfect match and pass the pizza test. Perfect Pizza is totally free online flash game with testing puzzle play. Match the pizzas and grow your pizza shop.

You just opened a new pizza shop and need to make enough money to stay in business. Make the Perfect Pizza and gain a good reputation in the neighborhood which will attract lots of customers so you make piles of money.


Play Perfect Pizza Online

Perfect Pizza screen shot image In Career Mode you need to match the pizza generated by the computer by placing the ingredients salami and cheese, on your pizza base so that they are in the same position as the computers pizza.

You need perfect matches or very close to it to get a pass. Break even and your business is safe.

Speed Mode has you trying to make as much cash as possible in a given time. Can you make a lot of money? Submit your score and see how you fared against other pizza makers.

All this has to be done in a certain time and as you go through the levels you get more ingredients to add and less time it seems. I hate being a failure so I better go and play this game a lot more until I can make a profit.

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Perfect Pizza Game Hints, Tips, Cheats
  • Match the pizzas as close as possible.
  • Click on the ingredients and place on the plain pizza base.
  • Submit your score in speed mode only.
  • In game help and tips provided.