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Play Open Doors and find you way through the maze of swinging doors. Fabulous mind blowing puzzle play, Open Doors will give you nightmares trying to figure out how to get through the maze.

Basically you need to get from point A to point X through a series of swinging doors. You need to work out the best way around the layout so the doors will open and let you in. Sounds simple doesn't it?


Open Doors Puzzle Game Online No Download Required

Open Doors screen shot image Open Doors is one heck of a puzzle game yet basically straight forward with little graphical or technical presentation.

Goes to prove that to be a successful game one needs good old fashioned hard nose play with a challenging balance between easy and downright hard.

Open Doors really gets the mind working overtime. Not something you would lay awake staring at the ceiling trying to figure the best moves type of game, but difficult enough to gets some splinters under my finger nails from scratching my head for awhile.

Well like all good games, there is a fair amount of patience needed so play all the 25 levels of Open Doors online below and jolly good luck sorting this one out. It's free, it's fun and it's frustratingly good.

Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • If you get the sequence right a door will open when you move up to it then move away again
  • Use the keyboards arrows to move around the playing board
  • Keep trying in each stage, the doors will open correctly