Little Farm puzzle game logo image Little Farm Matching Puzzle Game

Play Little Farm online puzzle game and expand a family hobby farm into a thriving vegetable business. Little Farm is a match 3 style puzzle game full of tile busting action.

Personally, I always enjoy match 3 games and Little Farm is a great take on the genre. I didn't find any weakness with the game play and the game screen is visually pleasing with the outhouse farm buildings intertwined with the game board. Rescue, Collect and Wetting Modes give the game some much needed variety!


Play Little Farm Online Matching Puzzle Game

Little Farm puzzle game screen image combination Get aboard the trusty jalopy as we head out for the Norman family's Little Farm, where you will help to transform a struggling hobby farm into a super efficient vegetable business, supplying the whole country with fresh veggies ripe for market.

Little Farm is a brick busting match 3 type puzzle game where you make incredible matches of vegetables to uncover rich loads of fertilizer that will make your veggies into super crops.

There are also lost coins in the dirt that will turn your bank balance around, allowing you to expand Little Farm across the nation and become the countries main food supplier.

There is nothing new introduced to the game genre, basic match play with is fairly straight forward, yet there is a freshness which gives the impression of playing a game that delivers an old favorite with pleasurable punch.

Thumbs up for Little Farm as this is a genre that has been done over and over and over again, yet still delivers enjoyment.

Little Farm Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Match vegetables for points
  • Earn extra points by finding the largest Best Match in the field.
  • Unlock bonus coins to buy upgrades
  • Match like-colored patches in your farm field to water plump pumpkins, eggplants and tasty tomatoes.
  • The further your territory expands, the more veggies you can sell.
  • Make matches quickly to find the wild patches of fertilizer that will help expand your Little Farm into one of the great US family farms.
  • Play Little Farm online, no download required.