Fishdom match 3 puzzle game logo image Fishdom Puzzle Game

Play Fishdom online match 3 puzzle game and buy equipment and exotic fish for your virtual aquarium.

With over 100 items and aquarium accessories available, you are able to build a beautiful fish tank, stocked with clown fish or other exotic species. All your money earned is cash you can sink into something that will benefit your fishy friends.

Graphics are very nicely done and the music does not intrude upon the playing field. Building the aquarium simulation and stocking it with fish and accessories of your choice is totally a bonus within the overall game package.


Play Fishdom Online

Fishdom puzzle game screen image Fishdom brings a refreshing change to the normal match 3 style game, with points earned solving puzzles going towards buying items for a virtual fish tank

Having a goal to work toward makes Fishdom that little bit different from the usual pointless match 3 genre and gives the player a sense of achievement as each level is solved.

Don't get me wrong, match 3 puzzle play is always thrilling, yet the story surrounding most games in this genre usually is virtually just wrapping, which gets discarded and lost in the general game play. The virtual fish tank gives Fishdom a true sense of playing with a purpose.

Add the great game play, colorful interface and cute little fish everywhere and Fishdom is one of the best puzzle games ever developed. You will play this for hours.