Finders Keepers game logo image Finders Keepers Underwater Puzzle Game

Play Finders Keepers puzzle game and go fishing the Atlantic for treasure. With over 150 levels, 3 game modes, some very amusing characters, great graphics and testing puzzles, the whole family is in for a treat playing Finders Keepers for free online.


Play Finders Keepers Puzzle Game Online

Finders Keepers game screenshot combo You would be excused if you thought Finders Keepers was a hidden object game, but you would be very wrong in so doing.

Finders Keepers is a great aquatic puzzle adventure where you sail the mighty Atlantic Ocean in search of treasure and one mysterious coin.

Floyd Finders needs your help fishing for gold. Help him search for the Merman, buy trinkets from merchants and look after his amusing but adorable sidekick, Goldie The Cat.

What you will need to do is cast your line beneath the water and haul in your catch, if your good enough to hook something. It's not all easy fishing in the great deep blue sea, yet during the game you will fing that your expertise will improve and the big catch of the day is close at hand.

Use the keyboard arrows to control movement or you mouse, it's entirely up to you. Some play the game with the mouse others prefer the keyboard controls.

It's what you catch that counts and Finders Keepers is a game that is big on catching players when they think they are finally getting the knack of playing. Tight lines and good luck.

Finders Keepers Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You need to time your launcher so that you catch the best fortune.
  • Buy the powerups as you get the cash, they are needed in later stages.