Fairy Island game Logo ImageFairy Island Match 3 Game

Play Fairy Island online, no download. Free the fairies from magic crystals. Match 3 play was never so much fun in this fast paced gem smashup, where you must work quickly to free the rightful inhabitants of Fairy Island.

Stunning graphics and heart beating audio effects keep you addicted, right from beginning to end in your quest to free the fairies. Game play is straight forward with crystals rising from the ground up and you must work quickly with the mouse to make matches and clear the board. If you clear the board fast you receive a huge score bonus.


Play Fairy Island Online

Fairy Island Screen Shot Image Once upon a time , the fairies of Fairy Island lived a peaceful existence without human intervention. In fact they had never had contact with humans at all until one fateful night, a wild storm shipwrecked a pirate gang, who change their lives forever.

The blood thirsty pirates saw Fairy Island as a magical paradise, full of riches, gold and magic jewels and entrapped all the fairies inside magic crystals so they could do nothing to stop them plundering their island.

You are the only hope of the fairies. Can you be brave and free all the fairies from their magical prisons.

Mini games consist of grabbing golden acorns from the air which can buy you magical powers at the Fairy Fair. Excellent graphics combined with the fast paced game play, lift Fairy Island from just another match 3 popper to a leader of the game genre. Several game modes round out the Fairy Island game beautifully.

Fairy Island is more than worth the trouble to download the free trial, so grab it now and start saving those poor fairies from the cut throat pirates, before they are all put to the sword. For those of us that love match 3 adventures, this game is a great take on our favorite casual game genre.

Fairy Island Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • All movement is done by mouse.
  • In early rounds you can allow the tiles to build for larger combos.
  • Once the blue tiles are introduced the game gets more difficult.
  • To collect flying golden acorns, left click on the acorn before it reaches the top of playing screen.