Escape Series 2 The Closet game logo image Escape Series 2 The Closet Puzzle Game

Play Escape Series 2 The Closet and find your way out of a mysterious closet. Thrilling Escape puzzle game where you seek out clues, combine them and break free from your prison.

If you didn't play escape series 1 - the car, then this will be a total new experience for you. All I can say is play Escape Series 2 The Closet online now. You will be totally enthralled.


Play Escape Series 2 The Closet Online

Escape Series 2 The Closet screen image The second offering in the Escape series of puzzle thrillers will have you totally baffled finding a way out of what actually could prove your tomb. How you got into the closet in the first place is of little relevance, it's how to get out of the closet that's important.

You need to search, collect and combine items to escape the closet in this intriguing puzzle game!

Follow the hints left behind by your grandfather to solve devious puzzles in your quest to free yourself from the closet! Use your keen intellect to escape in as little time as possible!

And that's the whole gist behind the Escape series. Very clever game which has you looking and clicking on everything to find the clues.

These game are totally absorbing from start to finish and once you solve the puzzle and escape you can't wait for the next game to be released.