Deep Sea Dive Puzzle Game Image Deep Sea Dive Free Puzzle Game

Play Deep Sea Dive for free online and enjoy matching sea creatures to score points. Match ferocious sharks, playful dolphins and happy starfish in a typical match 3 style game. Deep Sea Dive is a free online puzzle game with no downloads, so enjoy the fabulous fun puzzle game under the sea.


Play Deep Sea Dive Free Puzzle Game

Deep Sea Dive Screen shot Deep Sea Dive is a typical match 3 puzzle game where you must swap a tile with another to make matches of 3 or more tiles. When you make matches the tiles clear from the board allowing new tiles to fall from above enabling more matches to be made.

In Deep Sea Dive game, you collect colorful aquatic specimens, sharks, starfish, dolphins and yellow tangs that look like they have a Bart Simpson haircut.

Match enough marine animals to proceed to the next level before time expires and your diving suit runs out of air.

As stated above, it's a typical match 3 puzzle game with not much side action involved and no real story line. Good for the younger set and beginners but seasoned gamers looking for a real challenge might want to steer clear of this one.

Deep Sea Dive Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click each tile you want to swap to make matches
  • Try to match 3 or more tiles either vertically or horizontally
  • Making matches of 4 or more tiles scores bigger points and clears the level quicker
  • There is a time limit so don't hesitate or it will be game over