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Play Crystal Caverns free matching puzzle game online, no download. Try to make as many matches possible before time runs out. Crystal Caverns is a fun yet challenging match 3 puzzle game that will test your spatial abilities. Drag rows or columns of colored gems to make combo matches. Can you explore the depths of the Crystal Caverns?

It's a good free online game and as such you can't be too critical. There are hundreds of these match 3 type games and this is certainly not the worst, in fact it is difficult because the time seems to run out quickly and that difficulty factor alone makes me want to keep playing just to show I can beat this darn game.


Play Crystal Caverns Free Puzzle Game

Crystal Caverns screen shot image A fairly simple yet quite challenging matching puzzle game where you must make enough matches to move up to the next level before time runs out.

Perhaps Crystal Caverns could have been a little easier in the early levels to start off, so that the player becomes used to the game style involved and then gets a rush of adrenaline wanting to get higher and higher in the levels.

Another thing I found annoying was the fact that it didn't matter what level you were on, running out of time means starting all over from the beginning. To me this is not an endearing feature in any game, I like to see games that you can replay the level you are on.

Apart from those couple of gripes, Crystal Caverns is well put together with good graphics and the audio that plays as the light in your lamp fades does get your heart pumping frantically.

Crystal Caverns Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You click on a tile and drag it either across or up and down to make matches.
  • Make as many matches of 3 or more same colored tiles before time runs out