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Play Coffee Rush online match 3 puzzle game with a sim style twist. Become the best coffee house in town and take over from the greedy opposition. Serve the best coffee with the best ingredients and build more coffee shops.

Highly recommended game which will give hours of enjoyment. It's not easy as you do have to make money and make matches to fill orders. Your customers will walk out if you take too long and making money is the name of the game after all.


Play Coffee Rush Online Puzzle Game

Coffee Rush screen shot You don't have to be a coffee freak to enjoy this fabulous game that is a cross between match 3 play and time management sim games.

The multi national Smokestack Coffee Company is ruining the environment and coffee lovers taste buds with their horrible brew and chimney stacks belching filth into the air. Now is the right time for an enterprising person to open up a coffee chain and take back customers hearts and taste buds.

Match ingredients with customers orders, make money and upgrade your coffee shops in 7 different suburbs. Coffee Rush is an excellent game with good graphics and a solid story line which gives you something to aim for at the end of each day.

Try the free trial or play Coffe Rush totally free online. Whatever way you coose, I reckon you are going to enjoy Coffee Rush.

Coffee Rush Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There is a list of orders and you need to match the ingredients to fill the orders.
  • Swap adjacent items to make matches either vertically or horizontally.
  • The aim is to make a certain amount of money each day to move on to the next level
  • You can replay a stage if you don't make enough money
  • Add other items such as sandwiches with coffee drinks to make extra money
  • Giving treats such as donuts and muffins will make impatient customers a little more happier