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Play Azada Ancient Magic online for free and enjoy mystery and suspense in the awesome sequel to popular Azada game. Help Titus free his friends from magic gone bad, entrapping them within books in the fabulous family library.

Don't hesitate to give this latest thriller a try. It is excellent in every way with exceptional logic type puzzles and improved graphics. Try the free online game of Azada Ancient Magic, no download required, yet be warned that you will probably want the full download before you finish the trial.


Play Azada Ancient Magic Online No Download

Azada Ancient Magic game screen image Don't you just love it when the sequel to one of the most popular games ever, hits the market? At last, the long awaited and much anticipated answer to Azada has been launched and thankfully it looks like it's as good, if not better, as the first.

Once again you help our friend Titus figure out some mind bending puzzles inside the library, something that he is scared to do. If you remember back, Titus was trapped inside a magic story book for quite awhile until you rescued him.

Argus has again learned to transport himself in and out of story books and the magic he is spreading is evil, enslaving all those wonderful characters like Rapunzel, King Arthur, Count Dracula and even Buffalo Bill, inside their story books.

With 22 story books to solve, with the help of a scared and frightened Titus, you can flip back and forward through the pages saving those all time favorite characters we know and love.

Titus has given you a magic amulet that you can rub whenever you need him for help to get through the game. We also have a few hints and tips below that will give you a little help with some of the puzzles.

Azada Ancient Magic Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click on everything to see what it does or if it can be included in your inventory.
  • There is a lot of going forward a page and then finding something and going back a page to use the object
  • Want to get Count Dracula out of the room. Give garlic to Mr Vampire and he will move around the room, let in the sunlight through the windows and he will be gone.
  • The Secret Garden. Give the bird the whistle and it will fly away