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Play Atlantis Quest free online puzzle game, no download, totally free. Atlantis Quest matching tile game, make correct matches move on to next level.

Atlantis Quest is a good game that is quite addictive. You learn a little of the ancient world while enjoying the easy game play of match 3 puzzle solving. Ancient Rome ruled the world as it was back then with an iron fist, yet bringing modern civilization to many far flung outposts of humanity. During this game you visit ancient Rome, Babylon and Egypt.


Play Atlantis Quest Match 3 Puzzle Game

Atlantis Quest screen image Atlantis Quest is similar to Cradle of Rome and is now offered free to play online. A typical match 3 puzzle game, Atlantis Quest is set back in the days when Rome ruled the world.

You need to solve the puzzles in over 70 levels of tile matching play to move through the ancient lands of Greece, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, finding artifacts that will help your quest in search of the lost city of Atlantis.

Early levels are fairly straight forward and easy to conquer with the game progressively harder and harder as you move through each level.

If you enjoy this game you will also enjoy The Rise of Atlantis, which is really similar in game play and story line. Both are typical match 3 games with slight differences that give the player a challenge in each level.

Atlantis Quest Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the left mouse button to swap the tiles
  • Move the tiles into matches of 3 or more in a straight line horizontally or vertically
  • Assemble the artifact by freeing the pieces through the bottom of the game field
  • Try to work from the bottom so the artifact pieces fall quickly
  • Free the bonuses the same way, save them until you are desperate, they will help you win.