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Play online puzzle game Arctic Quest, collect and match ice cubes before they melt in this great free online puzzle game. Now this is not a really easy game, to win, so you better have your thinking cap on while playing Arctic Quest.

I liked the simple clean graphics, straight forward play and the difficulty degree is somewhat challenging. This is a very clever online game development which looks simple, yet is cunningly designed to suck you into the challenge and keep you immersed in the game for many hours.


Play Arctic Quest Online Puzzle Game

Arctic Quest is a great matching type puzzle thriller where you have to fit different shaped ice cubes into a puzzle grid. The aim is to fill the grid before the cubes fall into the sea. If there are too many ice cubes in the sea before you fill the puzzle board you lose.

Arctic Quest is a pure winner all round and for a totally free puzzle game it certainly is one you can play over and over without hurting the back pocket. The brain will get one of the best workouts ever when you play Arctic Quest.

Leave the main playing area for the larger cubes and place the smaller cubes into the arms of the puzzles. You will get the idea after playing the first level. It may take you a few attempts to pass at first, just keep at it as you will get better at placing the ice cubes the longer you try.

Artic Quest isn't easy yet that's the sign of a good game. After all, if it was too easy you would get bored quickly and stop playing.

Arctic Quest Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Pick up the ice cubes by left clicking them with your mouse pointer
  • Drag and drop them in place by left clicking again
  • Rotate shapes by hitting the Space Bar
  • You can let the cubes drop into the sea and use them by picking them up from the water
  • Try to use the larger shapes and don't waste any space