Ancient Quest of Saqqarah match 3 puzzle game logo image Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Puzzle Game

Play Ancient Quest of Saqqarah online match 3 puzzle thriller. New and innovative, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah blends a wealth of tantalizing puzzles into one massive production.

With a professional presentation that out does any other effort to date, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah ushers you into ancient Egypt in a fashion rarely seen in flash gaming.

Even if you don't go any further than the introduction, you will be captivated by the razzle dazzle atmosphere Ancient Quest of Saqqarah brings to the puzzle game genre.


Play Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Online Puzzle Game

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah match 3 puzzle game screen shot image Spread over no less than 500 scenarios, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah brings to the game community a new challenger for the title of best game for 2008. Simply put, this production is superb.

Fabulous visuals and engrossing voice over herald a new era in match 3 games, combining the favorite genre with a variety of other puzzlers that will totally have you engrossed from start to finish.

You are guided through your adventure by a talking monkey by the name of Khufu. You travel to ancient Saqqarah, where every thousand years an eclipse of the sun transpires.

Below this eclipse, a magical underground oasis exists under a pyramid filled with puzzles, treasures, and legends. You must fulfill an Egyptian prophecy to stop an evil god from breaking out of his tomb.

Playing seven different puzzle spectaculars, you need to master each one and communicate with the seven benevolent deities who cast this evil god into exile.

Earn powerful bonus options, magical potions by making large combo matches and gain the help of Khufu, who possesses great magic that can bring down lightning and thunder.