Age of Japan game logo image Age of Japan Match 3 Game

Play Age of Japan online. Match 3 puzzle game Age of Japan can now be played free online in your browser, nothing to download, no sign up, just totally free online puzzle game.

Colorful and quite challenging, Age of Japan is recognized as one of the greatest match 3 puzzle games ever developed. Solve problems and travel the breadth of ancient Japan in this tile matching saga, with beautifully designed levels that give the player a visual picnic of stunning colors.


Play Age of Japan Match 3 Game

Age of Japan screen shot Age of Japan is a fast paced, typical match 3 puzzle extravaganza that you can play free online, right here in your browser.

With 2 modes of game play, arcade or puzzle mode, you can either play against the clock or be limited in the moves you can make.

Match 3 games can be fairly repetitive, yet there is some skill involved selecting the right combination to ensure that the move after that will cause the largest fall of tiles. Combinations will clear the path so that you progress quickly.

Collect power ups, brooms and other objects that will help you navigate through each level. These always come in handy when time is running out.

Play Age of Japan right here now or you can download the free trial version to your computer to play offline. Either choice, you will enjoy playing Age of Japan, a colorful adventure to the ancient world of the East.

Age of Japan Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Match 3 or more tiles to remove them from the game board.
  • Collect all the power ups so you can get the best additional tools.
  • Once collected, Brooms may be used during active play to sweep away, or eliminate, an object from any single tile.