The Rise of Atlantis game logo image The Rise of Atlantis Online Puzzle Game

Play The Rise of Atlantis online, a magical journey through ancient Greece to the lost city of Babylon, locating special artifacts from the God Poseidon to raise the sunken city Atlantis from the ocean floor.

Match tiles and free special tiles from the game board by bringing them to the bottom. This task doesn't seem that hard yet when locked tiles are introduced, the game certainly takes a different dimension.


Play The Rise of Atlantis Online

The Rise of Atlantis screen shot The Rise of Atlantis doesn't have a particularly strong story line, but the story takes a back seat anyway to the addictive puzzle that is created by trying to bring the special objects to the bottom.

Your quest is to find all seven special powers of the sea god Poseidon. Doing so will enable you to to raise the lost city of Atlantis back to the surface.

There is over 70 levels and you collect unique artifacts from different ancient lands. Collect bombs to blast away stubborn tiles. Move puzzle pieces down to the bottom of the grid and solve jigsaw like challenges.

I can play this for hours and now you too can play The Rise of Atlantis online free right here on this page. Make your own mind up about this game. I love it.

If you enjoy matching tile games this will certainly suit your taste.