Bubblez puzzle game logo image Bubblez Online Bubble Puzzle Game

Play Bubblez, an exciting bubble shooting game where the aim is to pop bubbles to clear the board. Detonate chains of bubbles to score more points, but don't allow the bubbles to rise to the top of the board or it's game over for you.

At first you may think Bubblez is a shooting game but quickly realize you must use all your deduction skills to fire the shot where it will do the most damage and detonate maximum Bubblez. It's a challenging game yet exciting and addictive to play and being free online is the ice cream on top of the apple pie.


Play Bubblez Online Bubble Puzzle Game

Bubblez screen combo image Bubblez definitely keeps you on your toes so to speak and this game is certainly no push over to win.

Just popping enough bubbles in the right place to keep them from filling the screen is hard enough, let alone popping them all to clear the screen and make the next level.

The game was popping my brain cells as fast as I could pop the Bubblez. I have been told by my doctor that I haven't many good brain cells left due to my wanton disregard for a healthy lifestyle.

I ploughed on regardless and beat the bethusula out of this puzzle spectacular, just to prove my doctor and those little men in white jackets at my sanitarium, oops I mean holiday resort, wrong.

Bubblez is a game you can play literally for hours and each time it seems to be a new challenge.

Bubblez is an excellent free online puzzle game. Good graphics and sound that matches the game perfectly. Play this as long as you like. You will enjoy this one.

Bubblez Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use you mouse and left click where you want the shot to hit
  • Clear the screen by matching 3 or more bubbles of the same color.
  • You need to explode all the bubbles to get to the next level
  • In multi player mode, if you explode all the bubbles before your opponent you receive their score as a bonus
  • Always shoot the bubble where it can cause the most destruction
  • Sometimes you may need to clear a color to set up the next shot