7 Seas Estates Game Logo Image7 Seas Estates Online Puzzle Game

7 Seas Estates is a puzzle tycoon style thriller where you need to buy and sell real estate at the right price. Play 7 Seas Estates online today and make your fortune the easy way.

As a free online game 7 Seas Estates is something you might play for 5 or 10 minutes, just to see if your business skills are up to standard. It's fairly straight forward and does get boring after that.


7 Seas Estates Online Puzzle Game

7 Seas Estates scree shot Think you have got what it takes to be a high roller in the real estate business? Find out for sure in this flash game buying and selling houses in the new 7 Seas Estate.

Don't try to buy every house that comes on the market, build your fortune slowly and you will have a hefty bank balance in no time at all. And there's a lesson in life for us all that 7 Seas Estates can teach us.

Bite off more that you can chew and you will go broke, but keep your plan to a manageable amount and success is yours.

Buy when the price is rock bottom and sell at the peak. If you only own one or two houses at the same time it is much easier to watch the fluctuating prices and be ready to sell when they are at their highest peak.

Come on, just try 7 Seas Estates game for 5 minutes. It is only time you will waste. :)

7 Seas Estates Online Puzzle Game Hints, Tips.

  • To purchase a house, use YOUR MOUSE and click on it.
  • To sell a house click on it again.
  • Do not purchase a house when there is a decrease which is shown in red colored numbers.
  • The trick is to buy houses before prices rise, sell before prices fall.
  • Play 7 Seas Estates Online. No Download Required.