3D Logic game logo image 3D Logic Free Online Puzzle Game

Play 3D Logic, a game of skill and puzzle solving logic. Join the colors on the cube and advance through each level.

3D Logic at first glance looks similar to a Rubic Cube type puzzle game, yet looks can be deceiving. Playing 3D Logic certainly makes you think logically or you won't get far through each level.


Play 3D Logic Online Puzzle Game

3D Logic game screen shot image First few stages are easy enough to get past, then it gets harder and harder to join the colors without crossing over. 3D Logic is free to play with no time limits so take your time to find the best path.

3D Logic is certainly a good way to spend ten or fifteen minutes on a game that will test your brain power. It's quite colorful and you simply click the color you want to move and then click the space you require the path to follow.

This certainly is a game of logic and you will have to keep your thinking cap on the win the game. Move the cube around and try to visualize the paths before moving. Don't worry if you get it wrong, just hit the clear button and try again.

Play 3D Logic below online for free. There's lots of good puzzle games around and this is one you must give a try.

3D Logic Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the mouse and left click and drag the pointer across the cube to make a path
  • Sometimes the longest way to join the color squares is the correct path
  • Take your time and figure out your moves in advance
  • You can replay that level if you get it wrong without going to the start again