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Play Clown Killer 2 free online shooting game. Kill the crazy clowns who are murdering everybody in town. After being genetically alter to turn normally fun loving clowns into evil killers, Dr. X wants to rid the town of all normal human life. You can save the town if you are brave enough.

Do you have nerves of steel and a steady aim to eliminate all these crazy clowns? Become a man (or strong willed woman) and kill the crazy clowns before they kill you!


Play Clown Killer 2 Free Online

Clown Killer Screen Image. Evil clowns, dastardly doctors and heroic heroes, this is a fabulous flash shooting game where you need to rid the town of Killer Clowns. Become the towns Clown Killer and kill all the Killer Clowns. Now there's a mouth full.

Clowns have been genetically altered by the evil Doctor X (who else could it be) and they have turned into blood thirsty killers. The town is not a good place to be after dark and it lies firmly on your shoulders to rid the town of these killer clowns.

You take the role of the leading Clown Killer and eliminate all the clowns with your shooting skills, but you certainly need your wits about you and sharp reflexes, otherwise it will be you who is eliminated.

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How to play Clown Killer 2 plus Clown Killer game hints & tips

  • Use keyboard pad to control character
  • Fire rapidly to kill clowns
  • Use the dive function to quickly move away from killer clowns