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Play World Voyage match 3 puzzle adventure. Travel the world and visit 20 famous locations from Sydney to New York. Fabulous match 3 action with huge replay value.

World Voyage is certainly an enjoyable puzzle game, with great graphics and a new way to present the usual game mechanics. The mini games, while brilliant in visual splendor, are a little easy to complete, but the images do compliment the story.


Play World Voyage Puzzle Game Online

World Voyage Game Screen Image Take a World Voyage visiting some of the most famous structures in exotic locations. Imagine seeing the Sydney Opera House in Australia or the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Perhaps the Statue of Liberty or the grand Taj Mahal in India would be high on your list of must see places, if you were to take a World Voyage.

Play this fabulous, colorful match 3 game and after every 5 levels you can play a jigsaw type puzzle and piece together a photograph of one of the worlds best know structures.

If you want to travel the world, World Voyage is a great and enjoyable way to stoke your dreams.

Apart from the beauty and grandeur of the famous sights, World Voyage brings a clever and different approach to the normal match 3 type game. Timer balls that turn into locks, special bonuses that rains down destructive torrents and other forceful power ups make the replay value high.

With 100 levels and 20 mini games, this is a game that match 3 fans will find more than interesting.

Along the way you will learn of these wonderful structures and be able to save the photograph that you solve each 5 levels passed. The graphics are spectacular and the difficulty level just about right, so while some levels will make you work harder, they are not impossible to pass.

World Voyage Game Hints, Tips

  • Fill your menu with photos of world famous places
  • Collect various bonuses such as hammer, magic wand, and key to make the path easier.
  • The most valuable reward is the combo meter that causes rain that destroys lots of tiles.
  • After every 5 levels you complete, you will play a mini puzzle game to gain a photo of one of the worlds most famous landmarks.