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Wizard Land is a match 3 game with various game modes and exciting new innovations. Play Wizard Land match 3 puzzle game free download and trial this fun and innovative game today. Wizard Land is fun to play where witches, wizards, fairies and other creatures all lived in a wonderful fairytale world.

While the graphics are fairly basic they do have a colorful appeal, are nice and bright and fit the fantasy theme well. Each area has a different background, which is a very nice touch. Perhaps the voice over will annoy some, but luckily it can be turned off.


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Wizard Land Match 3 Game Screen Image. With some exciting innovations, Wizard Land is one match 3 game that should grab your attention and have you playing this puzzle thriller for many, many hours.

There's a timed or untimed option, the choice of three matching modes, (Swap, Group, Chain) and a rotating game board that certainly puts the fun into a lively game genre. But it is the ability to switch between game modes on the fly that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Wizard Land takes you into a fantasy world of wizards, witches and fairies, all trying to eke out peaceful existence's. Bad things do happen and you follow a map that you moves you through the Wizard Land, restoring a semi-wrecked landscape, magical flowers and a girl who's been turned to stone.

The rotating game board in Wizard Land is something that really takes the boredom factor out of play. Your quest, after clearing the board of tiles, is to slide a key down a path to unlock your way forward. This is perhaps the highlight of the game and a fabulous break from the usual tile busting, match 3 game play.

Wizard Land Game Hints Tips

  • For the best part of the game, the match 3 boards are straight forward and should need no explanation.
  • To rotate the boards once you have cleared the tiles may require some help.
  • On the top right of the board there is a rotate switch.
  • You can tip the board upside down during match 3 play.
  • Hit the rotate switch to turn the board when you need the key to drop instead of going sideways.
  • You can swap between game modes during play to play in either Swap, Chain or Group modes.
  • Click the mode of play you want at the bottom of the game board.
  • Follow the Path of Accomplishment to restore the Land and free the girl who was turned to stone.