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Play Tibet Quest puzzle game online. Help Jane in her quest to find the fabled city of Shangri La. Tibet Quest is a great challenge for the serious match 3 fan and a good puzzle thriller that will keep you amused for many hours of matching fun.

A good solid story is ended by building a hot air balloon, which brings you to the pinnacle of your Tibet Quest. Do you find the fabled city of Shangri La? Play the game and find out for yourself.


Play Tibet Quest Online

Tibet Quest screen shot image Shangri La is a fabled city, where people live rich, long and comfortable lives in a paradise on earth.

Some say that Shangri La is a myth, while others believe the city actually exists, hidden deep within the most inaccessible region of mountainous Tibet.

Isolated from the outside world, the inhabitants of Shangri La live a utopian life, full of happiness and riches. They are said to be almost immortal, having some kind of Fountain of Youth that allows them to exist for many more years than other humans.

Jane's father searched for Shangri La all his life. He believed it did exist and mysteriously disappeared on his last expedition. All Jane inherited from her father was a strange necklace and his journal. Now Jane has realized that the necklace is a key and perhaps will prove crucial in the search for the hidden city of Shangri La.

This is Jane's Tibet Quest, to follow her fathers footsteps into this treacherous country. Jane's father has left clues in his diary that may assist you in the quest to reveal if the City of Shangri La actually exists. Or is it just a myth after all?

Tibet Quest Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Save your extra lives as the game gets pretty tough after the sixth level
  • Unlock power-up tools to overcome obstacles and build a hot air balloon, which takes you to finish the your search for the fabled city of Shangri La.
  • Match 3 puzzle solving
  • Travel the mountains of Tibet
  • Vivid graphics
  • Shangri La awaits!