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Super Stamp is a match 3 puzzle game where you build a fabulous online stamp collection, matching shapes from the playing board. As a match 3 puzzle game, Super Stamp cuts the mustard in more ways than the usual offering, due to the added bonus of making a good looking stamp collection while solving those joining exercises.

In Super Stamp, you are given certain shapes to connect and are awarded bonuses for your efforts, which lead you to making a huge stamp collection with facts and figures on stamps worldwide.


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Super Stamp screen shot image Thousands of people love stamp collecting, and this game allows you to build a stamp collection while having fun.

The trivia that is given on stamps during the game is quite interesting. For example the first stamp released way back in 1840 throughout Great Britain was called the Penny Black.

This started the postage service as as we know today, where letters and parcels of all shapes and sizes are delivered, after being paid for through the postage stamp system.

Super Stamp the game is not full of bells and whistles, yet delivers nice graphics and good game mechanics. Played in a variety of styles, from tetris like matching to filling shapes on a series of moving layers, Super Stamp doesn't have the absolute boredom factor of many games in the match 3 genre.

Super Stamp game may be suited to the younger audience more than the hard nosed experienced gamer, yet has redeeming qualities for all players.

We like that fact that the story is about making a stamp collection, and the game delivers a stamp collection that you could be proud to own at games end.

Super Stamp Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Assemble and collect a wide variety of beautifully drawn stamps in this great new puzzle inlay game.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Win trophies and awards.
  • Find out more exciting stamp facts.