Fishdom Frosty Splash match 3 game logo image. Fishdom Frosty Splash Online Game

Fishdom Frosty Splash is match 3 puzzle fun, decorating fish tanks in winter themes. Play Fishdom Frosty Splash free online, no download and enjoy the Christmas themes. Make a splash this Christmas, dress up your virtual fish tank with Christmas decorations.

Colorful and entertaining, Fishdom Frosty Splash allows you to play the normal match 3 type game, where you earn money to buy trinkets for your fish take, creating a wonderland in your own virtual fish tank.


Play Fishdom Frosty Splash Online

Fishdom Frosty Splash screen image The latest match 3 game in the Fishdom series gears you up for some winter merriment, spreading good cheer buying Christmas themed goodies for your fishy friends.

There are special festive fish to buy and all the tinsel decorations that signify this special time of year. It may not really snow beneath the water, but with a little imagination, you can share the joy and winter feeling in your fish tank, and spread the delight of a white Christmas with the underwater inhabitants.

There are more than 100 fish and accessories you can purchase, an unlimited number of tanks to create and as an added bonus, when you consider your tank perfect, you can save it as a screensaver.

Fishdom Frosty Splash really is a fun match 3 game. You have all the Christmas theme items to buy, red sacks, snowmen, Christmas hats and golden bells, along with the usual fish tank items like jellyfish and anchors.

The good thing is it isn't too cluttered, decorating the various tanks is a pure delight and brings a smile to the old dial as you add each item.

If your heart is not in the Christmas spirit yet, play Fishdom Frosty Splash for awhile, you can't helped but be cheered by this one. The Fishdom series has proved very popular over time, with the original Fishdom game one of the highest selling match 3 games of them all.

Fishdom Frosty Splash Game Hints Tips

  • A festive match 3 sequel in the brilliant Fishdom series.
  • Create an underwater winter wonderland for your favorite fish accessories.
  • Select from hundreds of sparkling accessories.
  • Save your Christams themed creation as a screensaver.
  • Players may choose between "Relaxed" and "Against the Clock" game modes.
  • Approximately 100 themed fish and accessories.
  • An unlimited number of tanks to create and design.
  • Endless replay value.
  • Bonus screensaver.