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Play Dreamsdwell Stories Puzzle Online Game. Match jewels in combos to help the inhabitants of Dreamsdwell build a city. Dreamsdwell Stories, a fabulous matching puzzle game for all the family.

Dreamsdwell Stories is one of those games that some will find interesting and relaxing to play and introduces some very innovative features for a matching puzzle game. There is certainly some redeeming features as the mechanics are innovative and fresh, with interesting characters and nice audio.


Play Dreamsdwell Stories Online

Dreamsdwell Stories Puzzle Game Screen Shot Image You play as the Magic Chainer, a very important position in the realm of Dreamsdwell. The Magic Chainer is responsible for the collection of gold and jewels, so that the inhabitants can buy resources to build towns and villages across the nation.

It is your responsibility to connect like colored spheres of 3 or more in chains connected by a ray of light. The longer the chain the more value it becomes, so you must be skillful and produce as much wealth that you can so the nation of Dreamsdwell thrives.

As you collect riches the townsfolk will erect a village. Some of the residents will help you collect gold and jewels, while others, such as farmers, will sell their wares at market, doing their bit for the good of the Dreamsdwell population.

You will earn power ups and other special devices that make your task easier, while your skill at chaining spheres will grow and make you a much respected elder of the Dreamsdwell community.

Dreamsdwell Stories Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Make chains to collect more gold and jewels.
  • Chains of eight spheres earns you a ruby.
  • Chains of 12 earns a sapphire.
  • Chains of 18 an emerald.
  • Chains of 25 a diamond.
  • There will be barriers that need to be destroyed by creating chains beside them.
  • Some spheres will freeze and need to be thawed by making chains near them.
  • Use bomb power ups to destroy immovable objects.