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Play Snow Queen Mahjong and enjoy classic mahjong play with some amazing new twists. An evil and wicked Queen has kidnapped your brother.

You must use your considerable intelligence to solve problems and find where your brother is held captive. Free your brother from the wicked Queen before time melts the ice bridges, making escape impossible.


Snow Queen Mahjong Game

Snow Queen Mahjong screen image Yesterdays game was Ice Princess and today it's the Snow Queen. I wonder if they are related? Enough of the try-hard comedy routine and on to the review of today's new release, Snow Queen Mahjong.

In Snow Queen Mahjong, the Snow Queen is an evil tyrant who has kidnapped a heroic maidens young brother. You must match tiles to search the map and save the brother from the clutches of the Snow Queen.

As you match tiles, the ice is melted giving you passage along the route so you can carry out your search. Continue on until the end and defeat the evil Snow Queen, freeing your brother and the entire land from her iron fisted tyranny.

Snow Queen Mahjong has many excellent points for the mahjong fan with beautiful graphics, a good story and solid reason to play until gaining a win. With three difficulty levels and exciting new game twists in 6 different lands, Snow Queen Mahjong is a must play for any gamer looking for something new, yet familiar style of game in the mahjong mold.

Just as a little added incentive for Mahjong fans we have included a free taste of an online game, Cafe Mahjong below for your enjoyment. It's not as good as Snow Queen Mahjong but it's free, no download required. I can smell the aroma of the coffee brewing from here.