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Latest release for the mahjong fans with stunning visuals and solid story line. Mahjong Ancient Mayas is set back 2000 years in the ancient civilization of the mystical Mayas.

Play Mahjongg Ancient Mayas classic mahjong game, free download, enjoy 2 game modes of stunning mahjong play.


Play Ancient Mayas Mahjong Game

Mahjongg Ancient Mayas game screen combo There are 2 game modes of either classical mahjong play or what is termed adventure mode where you try to figure out the mystery surrounding the ancient temple of Tikal. In either mode you have a vast variety of experiences and total enjoyment.

It was a puzzle in itself at first because of the spelling in the title, those 2 g's in mahjongg threw me for awhile, but I'll get over it.

Try the free download of Mahjong Ancient Mayas. It's always the best option to try it first and see what you think yourself. I have enjoyed it so far and look forward to playing more of it throughout the day.

To whet your appetite for mahjong games we have included an online offering, Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe, so that you can get a feel of what Ancient Mayas would be like.

Try all the free games you can as you can't get better value and when there is no download involved, that's an even better bargain.