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Listed below is some great Mahjong games that are totally free to play online, no download, no sign-up and no registration needed to play. Online Mahjong games are very popular with online gamers and now you can play the best of the best free Mahjong games right here in your own browser.


Mahjong is a Chinese game of strategy, skill and luck that involes players playing tiles to form matches and clear their hand. Online Majong is very similar to Dominoes or the card game Solitaire. The Mahjong tiles have Chinese characters and you match the characters to clear the board.

When you play free online Mahjong games, more luck is involved than skill, but you still need good strategy where you choose which tile to match, which in turn opens the game to other possible tile matches.

Playing Mahjong online also does away with the need for playing opposition, as traditional mahjong is played between 3 to 4 players. Whatever your choice, the best Mahjong games are those that you get totally absorbed with and enjoy to their fullest extent.

Below is our collection of the best totally free online Mahjong games that have been developed. No download required. We add new online Mahjong games regularly so come back often to play the latest releases. Most games have html code so you can embed Mahjong games to your website as free content to attract visitors.


Mahjong Roadshow Game Mahjong Roadshow
Mahjong Roadshow, a complex game in which you must match tiles and chose the most valued treasures.
Mythic Mahjong Mythic Mahjong
Play Mythic Mahjong, match gems to save the Faerie Realm from eternal darkness.
Snow Queen Mahjong Snow Queen Mahjong
The evil Snow Queen has kidnapped your brother. Match tiles to search the map and save your brother from the clutches of the Snow Queen.
Mahjong Mania Mahjong Mania Deluxe
With 140 different puzzle boards, the ability to make your own boards and a feature that allows you to free downloads of game boards off the net, Mahjong Mania Deluxe is the real deal when it comes to thrilling mahjong games.
Mahjongg Ancient Mayas Mahjongg Ancient Mayas
Mahjongg Ancient Mayas is set back 2000 years in the ancient civilization of the mystical Mayas.

How to add free mahjong games to your website or Myspace pages.

Here's a really good opportunity to lift your website visitor numbers. If you have a little knowledge of html, adding free Mahjong games to your webspace is as easy as copying and pasting the code. We supply the html code for free online mahjong games below each game where possible. Let your visitors play online mahjong games no download on your website.