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Play Wild Evader and collect the bubbles while evading the dangerous death disks. This is a simple game of keeping away from danger, ideal for kids or the whole family. Play Wild Evader and score great bonus points while evading the Red Death Disks.

Wild Harmony Studio has incorporated excellent graphics, maze style play layouts and a good mixture of challenging levels where you score points for collecting as many bubbles as you can while avoiding the red Death Disks.


Play Wild Evader Action Game

Wild Evader Screen Combo Image Here is another great game for kids from Wild Harmony Studio who recently brought us the find the difference game Wild Mirror.

Wild Evader is a great game to test your reflexes and patience, while just enjoying a bit of fun and taking up the challenge.

Wild Evader takes you into a world of Death Disks and delicious bubbles. There are some bubbles floating around that taste so good you are more than prepared to take the risk of gobbling them up, but you have to be careful because the Death Disks zap you of energy each time you come into contact.

This really is a great game, not just for kids, but players of all ages. It is simple in concept yet highly addictive and entertaining. What could be better, and yes being a free online game is certainly a huge bonus.

Play Wild Evader free online below and bookmark the page so you can come back and play again and again. Enjoy playing this great free kids game, Wild Evader.

Adults can enjoy Wild Evader also if they want because inside every older person there is a kid wanting to escape.

Wild Evader Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse to move around the game screen
  • Take your time, rushing to eat the bubbles can cause mistakes
  • Try to stay in the area with the largest free space
  • Make sure you eat the Energy Disks as they top up your energy after being zapped by the Death Disks
  • Play Wild Evader Online No Download required