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Play Insane Aquarium game, the seriously delicious underwater adventure. Insane Aquarium is a fish growing challenge where danger lurks beneath the waves. Eat plenty of fish and you will get bigger and stronger.

Life in the ocean is tough and little fish always seem to be the main meal of the day. Big fish don't get hunted so become a big fish and survive life in an Insane Aquarium.


Insane Aquarium Online Game

Insane Aquarium screen shot image For the fans of Finding Nemo comes a great free flash game called Insane Aquarium. Life under the sea is a dog eat dog world. Perhaps I had better term that another way, fish eat fish world is more to the point.

But all jokes aside, it is a harsh environment and a little fish just has to grow bigger to compete and stay alive.

Here's where you can help. In Insane Aquarium you must guide your fish to the best food to eat, which are smaller fish in this game.

Once you have grown enough, yes there is a growth meter that you can see, you pass that level and progress to the next level where other fish are introduced.

You have fish you can eat to grow bigger. The more fish you eat the faster you grow. But of course there is competition for food from other fish, so be careful not to become part of the food chain yourself.

New predators are introduced to the Insane Aquarium on each level until there are ferocious sharks and other equally dangerous fish, all trying to survive.

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Insane Aquarium Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse to control your fish
  • Swim close to small fish and your fish will eat them
  • When the growth meter is full you progress to the next level
  • Keep away from puffer fish and other bigger fish or you will lose a life
  • There is a pearl that shows in the oyster at the bottom of the aquarium. Pearls are valuable, but be careful as all is not as it seems.
  • Collect the power ups that fall from the top of the screen. There is a power up for speed and at times an extra life.