Happy Kitchen free kids game logo image Happy Kitchen Cooking Game

Play Happy Kitchen online, help Chef Dragon collect ingredients to cook culinary delights. The game scenario is that you have to help our celebrity guest chef, Chef Dragon, collect ingredients that are falling from the ceiling. It's a cooking game with a huge difference.

As each individual ingredient falls, you need to catch it in the mixing bowl before it hits the floor and is ruined. This will keep you busy as the pace heats up as time passes. The more food you catch the more you help the chef, but be careful, you don't want anything except food going into your mixing bowl.


Play Happy Kitchen Cooking Game

Happy Kitchen game screen image Made with fun in mind, Happy Kitchen is an arcade cooking game where the action is packed full of fun yet is not difficult to play and enjoy.

The fun really starts when Chef Dragon gets confused as to what to collect, as pots and pans, forks, stirring spoons and cockroaches start falling among the fresh food ingredients.

Help Chef Dragon out if you can by collecting only the food to be cooked and making sure none of those other awful things don't go into the bowl.

This is an easy fun game to play and perfect to get those keyboard skills up to scratch. Graphics are very well drawn and the whole game board is nice and colorful.

Simple controls that operate smoothly and time limited so you try to reach a high score based on the amount of food collected into the mixing bowl.

As a free kids game, Happy Kitchen rates high and best of all it's totally free. Enjoy!

Happy Kitchen Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the left and right keyboard arrows to move Chef Dragon
  • Don't collect anything except food items or you lose points
  • Collect the most food items in the allotted time
  • Sometimes allowing some food items to hit the floor will let you collect more ingredients that fall close together
  • Don't stress if too many ingredients hit the floor. It's a free game so enjoy it and work on your skills as much as you want.