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Play Froggie the Fly Catcher online game where poking out Froggies tongue and catching flies to keep Froggie happy is the main task. Froggie the Fly Catcher is a totally free online game suitable for kids of all ages.

Warning! Frogs love to eat flies, yet wasps will make froggie very sick. So don't eat wasps or you will have a dizzy frog for a few seconds. It's a fun game so play online now and enjoy fast action fly catching. No downloading, no sign up, no giving your email or being made to join to be able to play Froggie the Fly Catcher for free.


Play Froggie the Fly Catcher Game

Froggie the Fly Catcher screen shot image Froggie the Fly Catcher is an extremely well developed flash game, where you need to catch flies and keep Froggie's tummy full.

But of coarse there must be some challenge to most games and the challenge in Froggie the Fly Catcher is that if you don't keep him happy enough by eating the right color type of fly, time will run out and it's game over.

There is a color meter at the top left of screen which shows what flies you must try to catch to keep Froggies belly happy.

The happiness of Froggie is shown by a time slider and you must try to keep that full by eating the right type of flies.

There are blue flies, yellow flies and red flies that Froggie loves, but watch out for those wasps. Froggie doesn't enjoy wasps. Wasps make him sick and you will lose valuable time while he is feeling dizzy for a few seconds after eating those yucky wasps.

Froggy Fly Catcher is easy to play and you can either use you mouse or keyboard for controls. Move Froggie left or right and either left click or hit the space bar to shoot out Froggies tongue and catch those yummy flies.

Froggie the Fly Catcher is fun, so have a great time, try to reach the maximum speed of ten and you will be an expert fly catcher.

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Froggy Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Watch the color lights to see which flies are the best to catch
  • Each fly of the correct color that Froggy eats gives you move time to play
  • If you eat the wrong color fly there is no penalty
  • You are penalized if you eat a wasp. Wasps make Froggie dizzy for a few seconds
  • There are bonus green flies and very tasty dragonflies that randomly appear that give great bonuses if you are good enough to catch them.
  • Don't run out of time as it is then game over.
  • Play Froggie the Fly Catcher Online